Joining Bitgreen

Alexandra Heller
2 min readApr 19, 2022


I’m delighted to announce that I’m joining Bitgreen as Marketing Director, combining my passion for protecting the environment with my experience in web3 marketing.

🤔 Why Bitgreen?

Bitgreen is solving for the $50 Trillion shortfall in sustainable development financing. Bitgreen serves two historic market developments: rapidly increasing demands for carbon credits and impact investments. As a blockchain platform, Bitgreen enables further innovation by startups and NGOs building in these areas.

🌳 What is Bitgreen?

  1. A Layer-1 blockchain with the primitives & capacity to serve as an on-chain home for the regenerative finance (#ReFi) movement
  2. A carbon credit market allowing a range of tokenized carbon credits to power new sustainable web3 projects
  3. An impact investment market enabling investors to buy and trade returns-based investment products

👂🏾Tell Me More

  • Adam Carver, Bitgreen’s CEO, was Director at AngelList and did Structured Finance at Morgan Stanley.
  • Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator selected Bitgreen from over 300 teams for one of 20 slots in their coveted program.
  • Bitgreen will be a parachain in the Polkadot ecosystem and aims to make Polkadot a hub for sustainability innovation.

💖 Join the Mission

The Bitgreen team is growing; reach out if you are interested in working to tackle one of the most important problems humanity (and all other species) face.

😉 Stay Tuned

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