Kusama Wallpapers

Some Kusama community peeps asked for desktop and mobile wallpapers, so here they are! Check them out below. You can also find all the files here.

These wallpapers are free to download and share!

“Red Pill” | Desktop
“Red Pill (Japanese)” | Desktop Widescreen Desktop Mobile
“White Rabbit” | Desktop Mobile
“Secret Agent” | Desktop Mobile
“Kusama Plasma” | Desktop Mobile Gif
“Kusama Halo” | Desktop Mobile
“Kusama Neon” | Desktop
“Kusama Nightmode” | Desktop
“Kusama Night Flight” | Desktop
“Kusama Pulse” | Desktop Mobile
“Kusama Sonar” | Desktop

Grab all the files here. Comment or tweet at me if there’s anything else you’d like to see!

🤗 Tips are welcome and help me make more Kusama stuff!



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