10 Questions for Finding Your Calling

  1. Follow your curiosity, as Elizabeth Gilbert says. I’ve had several life junctions where I felt an overwhelming desire to study something, spend time with someone, change cities, or travel. Those whims often didn’t feel logical at the time, but pursuing them led to opportunities and insights that brought me further down my path.
  2. Put in the hard work to gain valuable skills. Cal Newport argues that ‘follow your passion’ is bad advice, and advises instead to “put in the hard work to master something rare and valuable, then deploy this leverage to steer your working life in directions that resonate.” His book So Good They Can’t Ignore You and the tl;dr blog post version are highly recommended.

1. If I died today, what would I be sad that I didn’t do?

2. What did I like doing when I was young?

3. If I had all the money I needed, what would I do?

4. What brings me satisfaction?

5. What do I do where I lose track of time?

6. Where do I gain energy, and where do I lose it?

7. Whose life am I jealous of?

8. What am I good at?

9. What are my “factions,” and what do they want?

10. What would I do if I could start over?



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